Implementation Approach

NTA understands that AV systems are not built or commissioned without reliance on the entire construction team.  We have worked with some of the top general contractors and electrical contractors in the country and understand the need to coordinate with other trades to ensure an on time, on budget, and successful project.

Visit property to investigate current systems and infrastructure, speak with operators and engineers to understand the current system functionality.

Meet with the client and their team: operations, marketing, & engineers, to understand their requirements and wish lists.

NTA’s project managers and engineers will design a system based on the site survey and client interview. We will review the functionality of the system with the client and answer all questions.

Budgets and scope will be agreed to and approved by the client.

NTA’s design team will complete the engineering of the system, while our project management team produces an implementation schedule.

Equipment will be ordered, received, fabricated in our rack shop, tested and programmed prior to delivery to the job site.

Planning with the onsite engineers, contractors, and support staff will minimize downtime and maximize efficiencies upon implementation.

The integrated solution will be installed along with all field equipment required. NTA works with local contractors providing project management for clean and qualified installations.

System activation, testing, commissioning, and onsite training of property management and personnel.

Post installation interviews and information feedback is vital to providing unparallel service to our clients and building a lasting relationship.